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Written by Jess Taylor

Line busting is a trend that allows guests to order meals and pay ahead of time via a mobile app, without the need to stand in the usual order line in a store (thus skipping lines). Its No. 1 benefit is that it allows restaurants to increase sales while simultaneously handling walk-in traffic during peak times.
Mobile apps are helping restaurants tackle the dreaded rush times in several ways.
Guests can bypass lines
Long lines can be the make or break when it comes to people deciding where to eat, especially if they are in a rush and don't have the time to wait. Chipotle Mexican Grill was looking for ways to clear up clogged lines for their customers. They developed an iPhone app that allows patrons to place orders, pay and pick-up at specified times thereby cutting out waiting in lines altogether.
Eliminate a step for employees
Take-out orders, while still convenient, often still tie up lines because customers are required to wait in line to pay. A mobile app with advanced payment capability for the order eliminates a process step at the point-of-sale freeing up employee time to deal with the customers who need to pay in the store.
Utilize full kitchen capacity
Just because an order line is backed-up doesn't mean the kitchen is at capacity. When there are lines out the door, kitchen staff may still have additional capacity to prep more orders. When your mobile app seamlessly integrates with your POS infrastructure, mobile orders can come in directly to kitchen staff to start making the order.
Increase average ticket price
If you have online ordering today, you may notice that the average ticket price of a mobile order may be higher than an in-person order. One reason is obvious.... Customers placing an order via online or a mobile app are likely to be in an office environment often check with coworkers before ordering. "Hey, I'm grabbing lunch from Chipotle, want some?" Thus bringing the order from a single-person lunch to multiple people, and a higher check total.
Look long term
More and more customers are making transactions via mobile apps and this new sales channel is one you don't want to ignore. Developing a mobile app for restaurant line-busting can help customer satisfaction, employee productivity and increase sales by simply allowing customers to skip the line.

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