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Bar & Nightclub

The Bar & Nightclub industry has specific needs when it comes to a point-of-sale system. Revention knows the pace is fast - that's why we provide the quickest and easiest order entry available in the Bar & Nightclub industry. Our user friendly graphical interface allows for complete customization of buttons and features, merging our technology and your business seamlessly. We know hours can be late and that holidays are some of the busiest times of the year - that's why we provide 24/7 live support, 365 days a year.


Advanced Features


  • Bartender's recipes available through the order screen
  • Print bar prep ticket based on order type
  • Menu and screen layout changes based on labor type
  • Quick and simple menu changes that update all workstations in real time



Bar Tab

Managing numerous bar tabs is a breeze with Revention. Open a tab with the swipe of a card - Revention captures the name and last 4 digits of the customer's credit card. Want a pre-auth to validate funds? No problem. Fast order recall and preview features will ensure bartenders pull up the correct order.

  • Simplified credit card pre-authorization
  • Open tab look up by name, order number, last 4 credit card digits
  • Tabs can be opened and closed at any POS station
  • Customer charge account management

Fast-Paced POS

The Order Entry Screen provides many features that make your bartender's order taking fast and accurate. Speed of service is the key to success in a high volume bar. Revention creates a custom look and order flow designed specifically for your needs.

  • Product logo buttons to make order taking fast and easy
  • Quick Cash/Quick Credit buttons to speed up closing orders
  • Intuitive split checks allow one split to close and other splits to remain active
  • Speed Screen for bartenders
  • Happy Hour auto-pricing based on time and day of week


The importance of cash control and audit tools is critical to your bottom line. Revention has created numerous and simple ways for you to check up on your business. This ensures all of your cash is going into your business and not into someone else's pocket or down the drain.

  • Removed ticket items report
  • Biometric fingerprint authentication
  • Numerous audit reports to prevent theft
  • Blind cash out for drawer reconciliation
  • Security camera integrations that display POS activity

Cash Management & Audits

Tracking cash and other tender methods is critical for a successful business. Revention offers complete server cash management, which includes proper tracking of orders that would potentially need to be tendered by a manager or cashier. The ability to track and audit servers' order modifications, discounts and payment activity allows a manager to immediately detect a potential problem.

  • Required tip declaration tools
  • Cashier/bartender blind cash out feature
  • Quick tip edit and credit card reconciliation tool
  • Manager driven or server self-checkout option
  • Numerous reports to audit employee activity and sales statistics

"As the owner of 5 of the top 100 bars in the country, I've owned and looked at several different POS systems, including Aloha Radiant's system. The problems ranged from general platform inferiority, breakdowns in the middle of a shift and credit card processing failure. Everything about the Aloha system was hard to work with! I switched to Revention POS because I wanted to speed up order taking, have more accountability and better reporting in order to achieve my goals. Revention's software is not just flexible but it's completely customizable. Hands down the BEST." Larkin Stallings, Triangle Entertainment

"After years of research, I made the switch to Revention because of the system's ease of use. Revention is more user friendly than any other system I've worked with, hands down. I've tried Micros, Aloha and Digital Dining, but none of them could encompass our needs, our format, our brand - they just couldn't do it, or if they could, it was a complete headache and not worth it. With Revention, it's exactly the opposite - it's so simple and efficient. The other POS companies also lacked the biometric fingerprint authentication feature that Revention provides. We saw labor drop 10% right away because of this feature! We immediately saw a 15% - 25% increase in sales, too. Revention has really paid off for us." Troy Guidash, Electric Cowboy


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