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"I switched from Rapid Fire..." - Benjamin Zwirek

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"Prior to Revention we were using Rapid Fire, but that system was very old and outdated. It was breaking down on us on a daily basis. We needed a POS upgrade on every level, which is why we chose Revention. Everything with Revention is so much better and easier - payroll, menu changes, coupons, inventory, you name it. The ease of use is phenomenal and my employees picked it up so quickly with no issues. The switch from Rapid Fire to Revention went very smoothly; the installation process went well and our trainer was excellent. It's just a great system all around, we're very happy with it."

Stacy Smith, Mi Amore
Concept: Delivery Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza, Pasta

"We switched Star Pizza #1 and Star Pizza #2 from Rapid Fire to Revention for so many reasons - the Rapid Fire system was old, outdated (it ran on DOS), inefficient and customer support was poor. Having Revention now is like night and day compared to Rapid Fire. The level of professionalism and deep knowledge of the product that the Revention staff maintains is unparalled. Revention's POS is SO much more efficient, too, which was key in my decision making process.

Most importantly of all, Revention has provided Star Pizza with a technologically advanced system that ensures we are prepared for the future. The installation process was excellent; the training and tech support Revention offers is unbelievable. I would absolutely recommend Revention POS to ALL restuarant owners, not just to those with pizza concepts. They are the BEST."

Benjanim Zwirek, Star Pizza
Concept: Full Service, Delivery Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza
"After reviewing every point of sale in the industry, we decided to select the one that is built on current technology. Revention provided us with a point of sale system that is unlike any other system on the market. Unlike our old Rapid Fire system, Revention POS was built on new technology and runs on the newest hardware. One of it's best features is flexability. Revention POS was customized to fit my operation, I didn't have to change my operation to fit the needs of the software. The staff at revention is proud of the POS system they have created and the 24 Hour Live Tech Support proves that Revention truly cares about customer service and support."

Lee Turriciano, Owner, The Original Graziano's
Concept: Delivery, Take Out
Cuisine: Italian, Pizza

"I had been using Rapid Fire for years, but it had become outdated - they had not kept up with the industry for the past 5 years. I looked at all of the POS systems that were at Pizza Expo and Revention, in my opinion, provided the biggest and best return on my investment. I decided to switch to Revention because of the simplicity, security and management tools the system offered, but it was also the Revention staff that stood out in my mind. It was obvious they believed in their product and they didn't have to "sell me" - the system sold itself and I never felt any sales pressure. The staff's attitude was "Go look at the rest...then come back and we'll show you the BEST!" - not over confident, just good confident salesmanship!

I would absolutely recommend Revention to others. I was satisfied with not only the POS system itself but also with my dealings with the Revention staff throughout the process of sales, ordering the system, menu set up, installation and follow up! VERY PROFESSIONAL!"

Ralph Fruguglietti, Frugatti's
Concept: Full Service, Delivery, Take Out
Cuisine: Italian
"My previous POS was Rapid Fire, but I didn't like the system and wanted somethin gmore user friendly. I switched to Revention because of the excellent service they provided and how user friendly their POS was. Revention's support team is so helpful and understanding and when it came time to train our staff, they all caught on to the new system SO easily! We are very happy with everything."

Dana Sexton, Vito's Italian Cuisine
Concept: Full Service
Cuisine: Italian, Pizza
"My POS prior to Revention was a Rapid Fire POS system, but it was out dated and I just couldn't keep it running anymore. Revention was recommended to me by Kamaron Karrington and Big Dave Ostrander, so I checked it out and decided to switch. I liked that the technology was new and up-to-date, the price was fair, the marketing features were great, and the live 24/7/365 customer support is awesome, no b.s. Revention's support staff is the best - I have never dealt with any customer support people better than Revention's support staff."

Andy Dell, Rino D's Pizza & Wings
Concept: Delivery Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza, Wings
"Our Rapid Fire POS started to fail. We wanted a faster system with less problems moving throughout the different menus, simple order entry technology, and top of the line service from our next POS company. We switched to Revention because they offered all of this and more. Their 24/7/365 customer service is great and the Revention staff was willing to walk through the steps with us on more than one occasion. Credit cards go faster and there are multiple menu options and it's simple to move around the menus. The process of switching POS systems was made so easy and painless by the Revention staff; everyone was so helpful. It's a great system!"

James Monahan, Caz Pizza
Concept: Delivery Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza
"I used to have Rapid Fire POS, but I wanted to improve upon the ease of operation. I started looking around at other POS companies, and after I saw a live on-screen demo of Revention's POS system, I was sold. I was treated excellently through the sales, installation and training process and the ease of operation is vastly improved. I would recommend Revention."

Robert Sitarski, Pizza Bob's Detroit Style Pizza
Concept: Delivery Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza