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"I switched from Speedline..." - Travis Pioski

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“We switched to Revention because our Speedline system was very challenging. The menu design was extremely difficult and the dashboard and current sales functionality were never accurate. With Revention, our order taking efficiency and speed of service has improved greatly. Revention has a lot of great features to enhance our business, the reduction in errors alone has already made us more profitable. The enterprise tool is fantastic, I can easily access reports to see real-time sales and labor costs no matter where I am.” 

Dean Litster, Armando's Pizza

Concept: Delivery Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza
“I switched back to Revention POS after using Speedline POS for 3 days. We now have 3 locations with Revention. I really like the customer support we get from Revention. They are available 24/7. Their order entry is the best in the market It’s very intuitive and there are no wasted keystrokes. We have a high-volume restaurant and bar here and we require a system like that. Another thing that only Revention has is the ability to change drawers quickly. We do a lot of volume, and being able to swap drawers without having to reconcile the drawer is a must. With Revention, we can swap drawers quickly and we can reconcile later; allowing us to maintain the business rhythm and keeping up with the volume. From a management perspective, Revention also suites me extremely well, I get reports of all my delivery profits, and I'm able to see all my operational efficiencies which allow me to properly correct and make adjustments. I highly recommend Revention."  

Ed Love, Frank's Pizza

Concept: Delivery Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza
“We finally decided to change our POS system. We did a demo on half a dozen different POS systems and narrowed down to Speedline or Revention. The Speedline rep wouldn’t budge or work with us on anything. It felt like a take it or leave it situation. They did not answer questions or follow up. I can only imagine what their customer service would be like! Revention offers more than Speedline but with better value. Their sales and customer service reps are attentive, friendly, and go above and beyond to find a solution to your needs. They make the process easy and offer a great training program with extensive follow up to make sure everything is working well. They also have support available 24/7. We are so happy we chose Revention.”

Kimberley Duval, Garlic Jim's Famous Gourmet Pizza

Concept: Delivery, Carry Out, Full Service
Cuisine: Pizza
“Jet’s Pizza Corporate forced us to switch to SpeedLine and we had to fight to get Revention back. In the end, we got to switch back to Revention. We now have 6 locations being installed and a total of 10 locations. In summary, Revention has better reporting, the system also works better, and since we had Revention before, all its features seemed a lot more intuitive to us. We are glad we are now with Revention.”

Dan Weaver, Jet's Pizza

Concept: Delivery; Carry Out
Cuisine: Pizza
“We had Revention but then we were forced by Jet’s Pizza Corporate to use SpeedLine. We had to fight really hard to get you guys back. What can I say about Revention, well, the mechanisms are great, the enterprise app is great, the ease of use of the system is excellent, I mean, Revention’s got it. and we had to fight to get Revention back. If I may add, the 50% buyback also played a huge influence in having us move back. I just moved 3 stores over and plan to continue to be a big Revention advocate. We are glad to be back with Revention.”

James Gregg, Jet's Pizza

Concept: Delivery; Carry Out
Cuisine: Pizza
“We chose Revention for the ease of use and the fact that it was originally created to work with the pizza industry. We were looking at Speedline but we decided to go with Revention because of the online ordering capability and flexible menu construction. Through the entire process from sales to training, we were treated very professionally. Revention was able to provide a pizza pricing structure and ability to start bar tabs when no one else could. Everything with Revention was handled in a clear manner. It’s hard to improve on perfection.”

Michael Nixon, Papa's Pizza Café

Concept: Delivery Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza
“We switched to Revention because the online ordering solution was exactly what I needed for my restaurant. We  didn’t want to deal with the third party solutions out there and spend ungodly amounts of money on a monthly basis. Our customers absolutely love how easy it is place an order and I like that I can fully control the menu. If we happen to run out of an item, it’s a simple menu fix I can push it through to the point of sale and online. My previous system didn’t allow me to make those changes on the fly.”

Ron Kveton, Owner, Ole Piper Restaurant and Sports Bar
Concept: Full Service, Delivery, Take Out
Cuisine: American, Mexican, Pizza, Soul Food

"Before we installed Revention at Hot Tomato we were using Speedline, but the Speedline system kept crashing and we really needed something with more reliability. We'd heard a lot of good things about Revention so we decided to check it out. Revention clearly had a lot more offerings (we were especially interested in the online ordering product, HungerRush) and the POS seemed much more stable and reliable, so we switched.

It was the right choice! Revention is so much more reliable and extremely user friendly, especially with regard to things we needed to do in the back of the house, like inventory and reporting. Changes and updates are so easy to make, even for non-computer savyy people. The ease of use on the backend eliminates the need to call Revention for every little change and update, because we can do it easily ourselves - we love that.

The Revention system is just so user friendly in all aspects - it's extremely intuitive and training our staff to use it is simple and stress-free. Keep up the great work, Revention!"

Anne Keller, Hot Tomato Cafe & Pizzeria
Concept: Fast Casual
Cuisine: Pizza, Italian

"Before I switched to Revention I had been using Speedline for 5 years. While we had many issues with them, the straw that broke the camel’s back was when they never notified me of a major software update that I was going to need. I had five terminals, so that meant I’d need 5 upgrades – costing several hundred dollars each – plus the related expenses I’d incur and I was looking at potentially thousands of dollars that I suddenly had to spend because of their lack of communication.
There were other issues. Speedline configured my menu incorrectly, so when I pulled my reports all of the data would be skewed. I was never able to pull the reports I needed with the correct information, so that was a big problem. Changing the menu was a huge issue with Speedline, too. I was unable to make the changes myself so I had to call them for every little thing. Creating coupons was even more daunting with their system. Their system was just difficult to use, you had to be a pretty tech savvy person to use it. Revention makes back office issues like these so much easier. Revention’s reporting features are much better, as well. Now I can actually pull the reports I need. One of my favorite features that Revention has and Speedline didn’t is the Item Countdown feature – now I get auto reminders when any items are getting low and I can take care of that in a timely manner.
For the entire 5 years with Speedline I was never able to figure out their online ordering platform. They were no help at all so I never even set it up. So before Revention, we technically never had online ordering. We’ve only been using HungerRush for about 3 weeks so we’re still trying to get the word out to our customer base, but one thing I’ve definitely noticed already is that the people who are ordering online are spending more and have larger tickets – closer to the $40 range, which is a significant jump.
The switch went seamlessly."

Tina Piser
AJ Barile's Chicago Pizza

Concept: Delivery, Carry Out, Catering
Cuisine: Chicago Style Pizza

"My nine member management team and I have finally found a POS solution that we can depend on. Revention provided what simply could not - FLEXABILITY. Revention's order entry system is the fastest, most reliable design in the industry. It allows me to service my guests in the format we created, cutting my order time in half. In doing so we have improved guest service, increased profits, and with Revention's meaningful reports I can better monitor my staff.

Revention is the only POS solution that offered me true 24/7/365 LIVE Tech Support. If a problem arises, I know that Revention's support staff will have me back up and running in a matter of minutes, not hours or days. The decision to switch to Revention was easy, my staff backed me up 100%."

Jason Graman, Vice President, Brooklyn's

Concept: Delivery Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza

"Previously I was using Speedline, but it was just too OLD! I wanted to find an intelligent, feature-rich POS system that I could upgrade to. I looked at a few POS systems at Pizza Expo, but the only system that truly caught my eye was Revention POS. It is a clever, user friendly system. The order entry is SO easy and the customer service is excellent! I would definitely recommend Revention to others."

Peter Soltesz, Joe's New York Pizza
Concept: Delivery Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza

"We were using Speedline, but we switched to Revention because we wanted the fastest order entry for our concept with excellent delivery features, cash management and reporting functionality. We really appreciated how helpful the Revention staff was during the transition with the installation and training process. And the ease of use of the Revention POS is really great!"

Lori Hakspiel, Fralo's
Concept: Delivery Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza