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Revention Interviews Juan Hernandez of Texas Steak Express

"Since switching to Revention, cash control is greatly improved. Management is able to do things like cashing out drivers and closing the store so much faster. It’s also easier for us to detect theft now – with Revention you know right away if an internal mistake was made or if a theft occurred..."

Concept: Delivery
Cuisine: Steak, American  

Revention Interviews Glenn Cybulski of Persona Neapolitan Pizzeria

"Revention is always seeking to improve on its products and service and that forward-thinking is what keeps me happy. The technology and programs in place add value on a daily basis, from tracking food cost and delivery mapping to LIVE customer support 24/7/365. The service is the best in the industry!"
Concept: Fast Casual
Cuisine: Italian

Revention Interviews Byron Navarro of Rockin Rodeo

"We were using cash registers before, but those are very limiting and we were growing fast. We wanted to speed up operations and make tracking inventory easier. But it was the all-in-one aspect of Revention that we really loved – you really can do everything and it’s all right there in front of you, just a click away..."
Concept: Bar, Nightclub, Live Music Venue

Revention Interviews Jen Zeuner & Anne Keller of the Hot Tomato Cafe & Pizzeria

"Having a reliable POS system like Revention allows us to give our guests a faster and more accurate register experience. Food and beer are getting to the guests faster now and we have fewer mistakes. This fits in with our customer service ethos and people know that we are on top of it. Once they give us their order they can sit back, relax and enjoy the experience!"

Jen Zeuner & Anne Keller, Hot Tomato
Concept: Fast Casual
Cuisine: Pizza, Cafe fare

Revention Interviews Josh Katz of Ben Yehuda

"If you're looking for a point of sale that is innovative and cares about the customer experience, Revention is the ONLY way to go. Our customers are happier with the faster service and the more unified experience with the online ordering/loyalty program."

Josh Katz, Ben Yehuda Pizzeria

Concept: Delivery
Cuisine: Pizza

Revention Interviews Sam Saigh of Extreme Pizza

"I have found that for us Revention is the perfect fit. We switched over to Revention from Firefly POS after having installed the competitor’s system only 6 months before. The switch was WELL WORTH the money!!"
Concept: Delivery, Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza

Revention Interviews Patricia Ramos of Dairy Queen

"Revention’s best features for us have been customer service, menu flexibility, built-in features included with the POS software, the buy-back program, data backup that maintains your stats in the system and enterprise to group and consolidate store information and broadcast menus.."
Concept: Quick Serve
Cuisine: Ice Cream, Hamburgers, American

Revention Interviews Corey Rimmel of Hot Box Cookies

Hot Box Cookies is the brainchild of Corey Rimmel, a 25 year old entrepreneur from Columbia, Missouri, who decided as a 20 year old college student that late night delivery needed to expand beyond pizza and sandwiches. Rimmel made that dream a reality and now owns and operates the extremely popular made-to-order cookie delivery concept Hot Box Cookies, a truly unique segment of the food industry. Rimmel discusses his switch from Aloha to Revention POS and how Revention has helped him improve and grow his business.
Concept: Delivery, Take Out, Quick Service
Cuisine: Cookies, Desserts

Revention Interviews Adam Matt of Slice of the 80's

Michigan-based pizzeria Slice of the 80’s is an independently owned restaurant that opened its doors in 2008. From humble beginnings in 2008, Slice of the 80’s is now an award-winning pizzeria on the verge of franchise expansion. Revention has been the technology provider for Slice of the 80’s for years; we have watched them grow and we are proud of their success. We are also proud that we’ve been able to help facilitate that success with our products. 

Slice of the 80’s has won two first place awards this year alone, one for Detroit's A-List and the other for WDIV's Click on Detroit | Best Pizza – Independent category, and we expect many more to come in the future. We recently caught up with Adam Matt, co-owner (the other owner being Adam’s fiancée Natalie Proctor) of Slice, to ask him a few questions about his store’s recent triumphs...
Concept: Delivery Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza

Revention Interviews Travis Pioske of Ole Piper Restaurant & Sports Bar

"Revention is always available to listen to our challenges and provide updates that make the system better for our needs & their POS is very user friendly. The templates, colors, and guides they use make creating a menu and editing items very simple. They seem to be constantly improving and adding new features, which is a bonus. Just like any restaurant, things need to evolve and Revention tries to stay ahead of the game..." 

Travis Pioske, Ole Piper
Concept: Full Service, Delivery Take Out, Sports Bar
Cuisine: Pizza, Burgers, Pasta

Revention Interviews Naomi Moore of Texas Ave Tavern

"Running a bar requires constant monitoring of all aspects of your business at all times. If the technology exists to do just that, I can’t imagine anything more beneficial for a bar business. Revention provides that technology..."

Naomi Moore, Texas Ave Tavern
Concept: Bar, Live Music Venue

Revention Interviews Rose Carroll of Tomaydo Tomahhdo

"It is rewarding to know that Revention is my partner. The Revention staff takes the time to get to know my concept and the goals I have and they continually teach me how to use their products better. Tomaydo Tomahhdo has now added HungerRush as our online ordering platform; we've also added our loyalty program and Revention's marketing tool. Revention POS is truly an all in one solution..."

Rose Carroll, Tomaydo Tomahhdo
Concept: Fast Casual
Cuisine: Italian

Revention Interviews Joe Funicello of Tutti's Ristorante

"The organization that the Revention POS offers is amazing. It keeps track of everything for us – orders, sales, inventory – so many other things, too. The increase in efficiency helps us do our jobs better and offer the best customer service possible..."
Concept: Full Service
Cuisine: Traditional Italian

Revention Interviews Troy Guidash of Electric Cowboy

Electric Cowboy is a Country and Dance Nightclub with locations scattered all over the south – Arkansas, Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Missouri each boast one or more of these popular nightclubs. Revention had the good fortune of meeting Troy Guidash, Electric Cowboy’s President of Operations, over a year ago at the Nightclub and Bar Trade Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, and we’ve been working with him to install Revention POS terminals in his locations ever since. Troy recently took the time out of his busy schedule to speak to us about the positive results Revention has brought to his chain of nightclubs.
Concept: Bar, Nightclub

Revention Interviews Ron Elia of Pizza One

"Revention has given us some really cool technology that our customers LOVE. Fully Integrated Online Ordering is #1 on that list. My favorite thing about online ordering is that the program up sells constantly. When customers are able to see all the possibilities, they tend to add things to their meal they otherwise wouldn’t have. It makes ordering fun for the customer while bringing in extra money for the restaurant..."

Ron Elia, Pizza One
Concept: Delivery Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza

Revention Interviews Johnny So of Fitzgerald's Bar & Music Venue

Ask a local music lover in Houston where they saw their first show and you can put money on their answer being: Fitzgerald’s. Since 1977, Fitzgerald’s has been the go-to venue for live music in Houston. When the venue first opened its doors, musical greats like James Brown, The Ramones, R.E.M. and Tina Turner were early performers. Since then, Fitzgerald’s has been the location for innumerable musical shows, both big and small, indie and major label, punk and metal – you name it, Fitz has hosted it. Countless local musicians got their first starts at Fitzgerald’s, as well, making it a very special place in the Houston live music and entertainment scene and internationally, for travelling performers.
Concept: Bar, Nightclub, Live Music Venue

Revention Interviews Chris Felefle of Petit Café Mediterranean Grill

"I believe the entire Revention software is valuable to me, especially the ease of the order taking on one side and the ability to view reports and manage cost from the other side." 
Concept: Full Service, Bar
Cuisine: Mediterranean

Revention Interviews Chef Jett of BLU Restaurant | Lounge

"Revention’s communication and customer support are both amazing. They are #1 in customer support over any other company I have dealt with, including Micros. Now that we are fully installed, Revention’s support team is always there to answer our questions. Anytime I call Revention’s support team I can get someone on the phone easily and quickly. They make me feel like family..."
Concept: Full Service, Lounge, Nightclub
Cuisine: Modern Euro-Asian Fusion