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Revention Interviews Chef Jett of BLU Restaurant | Lounge

As Head Chef of BLU, you are considered to be an expert in the restaurant industry; you’re no stranger to point of sale technology and all that it entails – from development to installation to training to customer support. Revention is newly installed at BLU – how do you feel the installation & training process went? I imagine you were feeling pretty nervous, initially.
“I was very scared of change. I worked with Micros for over 15 years. But it only took me a short while to see how much easier Revention is. I have opened 18 restaurants in my years and this is the first time I have met professional workers like my on-site Revention installers. Very good on details, very patient and they absolutely would not take short cuts. Contrary to other installers I’ve worked with in the past, they actually spoke our language. They stayed all the way through the shift, helping the staff. They do it right the first time, down to the neat and clean presentation of the wiring. Micros was a ‘do it tomorrow’ kind of company when it came to installation. Revention said no, let’s finish this today.”
“Revention’s installers made us feel so comfortable. They wouldn’t just show me, they would ask me to do it myself and look over my shoulder. If I made mistakes, they were right there behind me to help. This way I actually learned to use some of the advanced functionality myself, and I felt a lot better about when they wouldn’t be there to train me anymore. I wanted the Revention installers to come work for me!”
“When I opened up a bunch of restaurants in New York with Micros, it would take at least a week to get it all done because there would always be something missing like a cable or something simple. It was not organized and ended up taking a long time. It wasn’t until I saw the Revention installation in just one day that I realized how far off Micros was from doing things the right way.”
What about pre-installation? How did things go during that time frame?
“Revention’s pre-installation team is very organized and kept us on schedule. They were always there to speak with us throughout the whole process. Everyone that works at Revention has so much patience. The menu team, the installation coordinator, the sales team - everyone has unbelievable patience. At the end of the day, they made us feel like we are really part of the family. Revention has stood by us through the whole thing, never taking short cuts.  Their communication has been excellent throughout the whole process.”
So then you’d definitely agree with the statement that Revention’s Support team is top notch?
“Absolutely. Revention’s communication and customer support are both amazing. They are #1 in customer support over any other company I have dealt with, including Micros. Now that we are installed, Revention’s support team is always there to answer our questions. Anytime I call Revention’s support team I can get someone on the phone easily and quickly. They truly do make me feel like family.”
Did you ever have any issues with security or theft while using the Micros system?
“Yes, with Micros there were lots of problems with security. The main security problem we experienced with Micros was because the screens would stay on and servers would be able to ring things up under other servers, no security there. The way Revention is set up, it is like a force field. With Micros we had problems with servers being able to over-ride things. They could open up checks on different stations and add things on, and we had no control over it.”
“Revention will let me know exactly which server was the last one to touch a ticket; Micros didn’t do that. We always used to be like, ‘Who went in there and changed the ticket?’ and everyone would be like, ‘Oh it wasn’t me!’ and we had no way of finding out. Revention is set up so that the loopholes that existed within the Micros system are now non-existent. Revention provides so much more control over security.”

As far as POS functionality is concerned, how do you feel the transition is going?
“Functionality is great, no problems. Human error-type mistakes have already gone down significantly, and the whole system is seamless – it feels bulletproof. Credit cards working perfectly…everything is very smooth.

Changing the menu, changing prices, changing buttons…SO EASY with Revention! Micros made everything overly complicated with too many steps. If you missed a single step  you would have to go all the way back and start over - it was very confusing and time consuming. It takes no time to manage employee schedules with Revention’s POS.

Revention is so much more advanced than Micros, which was just outdated and old. Revention’s point of sale is just the better system, what else can I say? FIVE THUMBS UP! I feel very good about BLU’s switch from Micros to Revention.”

By day, BLU is a fine dining establishment serving a unique Euro-Asian cuisine for lunch, dinner and brunch amid a warm and exciting atmosphere. At night, BLU transforms into a vibrant nightclub and lounge, bringing in large crowds and often staying open late into the night. The multi-concept approach is forward-thinking and fresh and BLU is well known for being an incredible Houston hotspot for night life.  For more information, please visit

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