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Revention’s program began as a collaboration between leading restaurant professionals and seasoned POS developers. The technology and code is extremely versatile, allowing itself to be completely customizable to fit any concept.



Easiest Order Entry

Custom menu configuration to match your menu flow. Each workstation comes equipped with a fingerprint reader on the side of the terminal, eliminating the guesswork to determine which employee took an order.

  • Red light/green light modifications
  • Customizable menu icons and graphics
  • Intuitive order entry screen layout, so simple you already know how to use it
  • Edit any item without deletion or re-entry
  • Unlimited number of custom order types
  • Vast menu size to accommodate any menu
  • Estimated order time calculation
  • Robust order lookup
  • Customize order screen by POS terminal or employee



Discounting Features

Do you know how much money you’re giving away by not managing your coupons and discounts properly? Revention POS ensures complete control and tracking.

  • Intuitive coupon configuration ensuring that discounts are applied to appropriate items and over discounting does not occur
  • Functionality to create coupons by order type, apply by time and date and over 30 more additional coupon configurations
  • Coupon stacking prevention and other tools to stop common discounting abuses
  • One coupon can be created to accommodate various combinations by using Pick Any and Required Item feature
  • Buy One Get One



Customer Database

Ever heard the old saying “trash in, trash out”? Its important for your POS system to have the capability to manage your customer database and to require data to be keyed in quickly and efficiently. Your customer service and marketing depend on it.

  • Require specific customer fields by order type
  • Ability to delete inactive customer manage street names and locations
  • Detailed account of all previous orders
  • Multiple phone number and address storage
  • Loyalty Tracking
  • Hotel management, ability to track sales by hotel
  • Business management and customer charge account tracking with the ability to create and manage statements
  • Auto populate cities and states by zip code



Marketing Features

Knowing the buying habits of your individual consumers is key. Revention POS features custom marketing queries that give you the ability to practice precision marketing. Create your list and send a custom offer.

  • Predefined marketing queries for immediate key customer lists
  • Ability to create and save unlimited custom marketing queries
  • Create and save email and marketing templates
  • Email customers directly from the point of sale system
  • Export marketing lists and label printing
  • Ability to map all customers from a marketing list to gauge saturation areas
  • Zero in on customers by order history



Ever said to a customer, “Your delivery is on the way!” but you actually have no clue until you run around for 10 minutes to find out the details? Revention has you covered. Fast access, accurate status.

  • One Touch Real-Time Driver Statistics
  • Optional Forced Driver Drops
  • Color coded order timer to warn against late deliveries
  • Delivery Reminders by Item to ensure order accuracy
  • Integrated Caller ID Management including real time order statistics
  • Integrated mapping using NAVTEQ data with turn by turn directions
  • Delivery fee and compensation by Zones
  • Real-time tracking with EyeDeliver
  • Defer order options provide several fail-safe to ensure orders are fulfilled


Inventory/Food Costing

Do you know what your food cost could be if there was no waste and perfect portioning? Revention can help! Compare your actual vs ideal food cost and gain insight into your problem areas.

  • Complete inventory management comparing Ideal vs. Actual Analysis
  • Recipe and Menu Costing
  • Forced Inventory Item Counts for Daily or Weekly basis
  • Recipes and portions for ingredients, batches & items
  • Waste tracking
  • Transfer product to other locations
  • Manage vendors and purchase order integrations
  • Remote management options available

Real-time Analysis

Say it with us – Knowledge is Power. How can you effectively manage your operation with out real time data? The Revention POS Dashboard provides the information you need to make smart decisions.

  • Real time productivity dashboard includes all the key performance indicators you need
  • Labor costing and percentage
  • Labor Warnings with ‘Overtime’ and ‘Minor on the clock’ alerts
  • Quick toggle between All Day and Current Hour
  • Analysis break down of KPI data for every half hour
  • Create unlimited custom report groups that best suit your operation
  • Revention Bar Metrix provides a specialized dashboard focused on Bar’s Key Performance Indicators.

Email Reports

Set yourself up with an end of the day report batch that is automatically emailed to you and see how business did that day. What was the top seller? Who were the top performers? Stay in the loop!

  • Customizable report packages can be emailed, printed or saved
  • Packages can be automatically generated on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
  • Comprehensive analysis of menu, cash control, coupons and discounting
  • Audit reports by employee
  • Simple order recall from previous days for re-printing or investigation
  • Hundreds of reporting configurations
  • FTP options allows for every data point captured by Revention to be exported nightly.


Kitchen Management

Revention Kitchen Management systems ensure your Back of House is running smoothly and efficiently as possible. Items display at the make line, print labels on bump, and show ready status on the expeditor’s Order Screen.

  • Configurable ticket display, size and color of font
  • Priority order type configuration to expedite walk-in orders
  • Robust settings display previous or additional items
  • Display preset modifiers and/or preferences
  • Color coded order timer to alert staff when orders are late
  • Order stages configured to accommodate KDS with print functionality
  • Customizable print sequencing and audio alerts
  • Options to have the items displayed as they’re being ordered.
  • Expediter variations to monitors which items have been bumped

Labor System

Manage employee schedules, payroll and messaging – all through the point of sale. Want to make sure they get a message? Require it to be read before they clock in or out.

  • Employee messaging system allows effective communication between shifts
  • Complete employee scheduling solution that monitors scheduled labor percentages
  • Employee can print personalized schedule via Time Clock entry. Supports master schedules and time off requests
  • Custom labor types as well as the ability to assign multiple job codes to one employee
  • Multiple payroll company integrations

Security/Theft Controls

Feeling secure about your business while you are away is very important. Revention provides you with the security tools and audit reports to help you relax when you can’t be there in person.

  • Fingerprint recognition with option to require for maximum security
  • Flexible Security configurations allow for customizable settings by Labor Type or on a individual basis
  • Multiple remote video surveillance and security integrations
  • Employee time clock audit to monitor time clock changes
  • Time clock locks to prevent employees from clocking in early

Table Management

Comprehensive dining room manager provides an intuitive set up tool that allows the users to create a custom graphical representation of their dining room. Standard images are provided, but the flexible configuration provides the ability to create and import custom table and bar seat graphics easily. Table Management is an additional module for your Revention system

  • Standard graphics included, easily supports custom graphics
  • Allows for multiple custom dining rooms and bars to be defined
  • Can be configured to assign tables to servers to allow open table selection
  • The order entry screen will automatically display table management for servers and bartenders ease of use
  • Provides an easy way for servers & managers to see the current status of all tables
  • Wait list provides tools for host to track phone numbers and promised seated times
  • Table outlines change color based on held and fired items.